Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Modeling Begins

First, to be clear, I will hopefully never use that title phrase to describe my professional pursuits again.

But seriously, I did spend a few hours with the laser-cutter at Rapson Hall to cut the topo for my existing-conditions model of my capstone site! Exciting stuff if your nerdy like me (or are finishing landscape architecture and urban planning masters degrees).

For starters, just to be confusing, north is at the picture frame's lower-right. The site of the model covers Lake St. and 35W. The mounds (running north-to-south-ish) are 35W as it is elevated above Lake. The trench (running east-to-west) is the Midtown Greenway.

This is how it looks now, hopefully I'll have a pic soon of the finished product.

There is currently no "filler", so some of the board pieces will be elevated a few inches higher than they appear here. This is because I only did the cutting today, not the assembly. Consider this under construction.

For those who know: the material is 1/16" MDF. The scale is 1/32"=1' (this means that each sheet equates to 2' of elevation). The model consists of 6 pieces 16"x32" or 48"x64" total (sheets in landscape format, two columns by three rows). In real life, this equates to 1,536' (1/3rd of a mile) north-to-south, and 2,048' (0.4 miles) east-to-west. A large-ish physical model in this digital age.

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