Monday, January 16, 2012

The Site

After a long, leisurely, and refreshing break with friends and family, I'm getting back into it. "It" is school, and this semester, "school" primarily means Capstone Project work. As a definition, my capstone project necessarily is addressing both landscape architectural and urban planning issues on a single site, upon which I will both design and propose policies.

As a quick introduction, my site is diagrammed below. It is more-or-less Lake Street at both 35W and Nicollet. Reason being that there are a multitude of city proposals for new transportation infrastructure, the Midtown Greenway is one short block north, and to be quite honest, this little spot in our fair city needs some attention.

I realize that this is a bit abstract for many viewers, but if you Google Map the location, or even better, go visit, you will be reminded of the place of which I write.

As I mentioned in my previous posts, this site has a lot to do with urban transportation, biking and otherwise. It also has a LOT to do with how this area is connected to the rest of the city of Minneapolis, as diagrammed in the next post.

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